THE ZEN MAN by Colleen Collins

ZenMan   I love a good mystery.  And this one was a good mystery.  Lots of interesting characters,  some nice twists and turns,  and of course,  a good murder.  A good murder is one where we don’t like the victim all that much.

So here’s the skinny:   Rick Levine is ….. was ….. a darn good defense attorney, that is until the booze and the drugs ruined his career, his marriage, and pretty much his life.  Five years ago, he got clean, and managed to get a P.I. license, because he was suspended from the Board and could no longer practice law.

Rick is a lifelong Deadhead, (you know — a Grateful Dead fan),  and there are allusions to their songs and quotes by Jerry Garcia throughout the book.  His Deadhead nickname is the Zen Man, and many of the chapter openings contain Buddhist quotes.

He has managed to find a lovely lady who for some unfathonable reason loves him,  she buys a lodge outside of Denver, they set up shop as a resort/bed & breakfast kind of place.   They hold a party for defense attorneys in the area as one way for Rick to solicit P.I. work from the lawyers.  Unfortunately, his crazy ex shows up, has a drama queen episode with Rick, and ends up dead in an unfinished spa pool out back.  Not looking good for our hero.

A good romp,  likable characters,  decent mystery story structure without being toooooo formulaic.  All in all, a fun read.


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