Sunshine   I don’t usually read stories containing angels.   Don’t know what prompted me to read this one, but I was glad I did.  It brings up the question as to what is an angel, anyway?    Are you an angel if you say you are?  If someone else says you are?   Ponder that, bunky.

Our protagonista, after leaving home six years ago following a spot of unpleasantness, has been moving around the country in her airstream (wow.  who has money for an airstream?),  supporting herself at one job or another until she felt the urge to move on.  However, where our story begins, Jess, the alleged angel in question runs out of gas … and money … at the gas station where EJ, the protagonista in question,  is working.   Jess decides EJ’s life needs fixing, and sets about doing just that.

OK, you are now saying,  sounds dumb, but actually, it’s not.  It is so well written that the reader is sucked into the story wanting to know if (a) Jess really is an angel, and (b) can she fix EJ’s life, and (c) why can’t I have an angel drop into my life and fix everything.

Mz. Rich writes books about and for women, light, funny, insightful books.  Feel good books.  I like feel good books, because I like feeling good.  I just don’t like dumb feel good books.  So, Dear Reader,  rest easy,  reading this book will make you feel good, as well as make you think a bit about relationships of all kinds that seem so hard when really, with an angel pulling the strings, can be so easy.

I really do want an angel to fix things.  It would be terribly helpful.

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