Tollesbury Time    The book begins with a psychiatric nurse recounting what she saw as she entered a house in Tollesbury, England.  The walls of the cottage were covered in writing, telling the story of

Tollesbury Time
Nothing is real
And there’s nothing
To get hung about..

OK, I admit it.  I have always wanted to live in or visit or create a house where the walls were covered in neat script, walls, floors, ceilings.  Wouldn’t you?   Imagine writing your journal on the walls of your home.  So naturally, I had to continue reading to find out what this was all about.

The odd and quirky village of Tollesbury is home to a strange man diagnosed with schizophrenia, who cures or does not cure his malady by paying attention to his hallucinations.  Well.  That description did not do justice to this odd and quirky book, beautifully written with the language and style of a poet.   I can’t tell you more of the plot – that would be to give it all away and spoil the reading for you.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it,  but found it a compelling read nonetheless.  It reads like a fable, but yet not.  It is a comment on mental illness, but yet not.   It has a strong plot, but yet not.  It is literary fiction meets pseudo paranormal.  I think.

I really must read more of this author to see what other depths he has.


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