THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

The Martian   Full disclosure:   I LOVE all things Mars.  From the canals which don’t exist, to the idea of little green men, which don’t exist, to the idea of terreforming a hostile planet so the likes of us can have another world to mess up, which possibility does exist, I love Mars and all things Mars related.  I love bad books about Mars, and good books about Mars, and this, Dear Reader, was a GREAT book about Mars!

I am going on record stating that Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy is so far my fav, but dang if The Martian isn’t right up there as Fav B.  You know what I’m saying?

So here’s the plot:   a crew is on Mars for a period of time to do some experiments, and due to one thing and another, when they take off for home,  one guy gets left behind and has to fend for himself.  There is a possibility of a pickup in a year.  Will he survive til then?  How?

This is one of those geeky hard science sci fi books, filled with great ideas, and all of them plausible, and most of them I bet you yourself never would have thought of if you were in the same situation.

This book contains no aliens with amazing power and/or weapons, no hostile alien ships bent on destruction,  no extraterrestrial life trying to take over the universe and make earthlings their slaves.  Just one guy stuck on Mars. 

If you like Mars stories, you will love it.

If you like hard science sci fi, you will love it.

If you like clever plotting and a can-do attitude, you will love it.


2 comments on “THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

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