KILLER TWIST (A Ghostwriter Myster) by C. A. Larmer

13641648  Killer Twist (A Ghostwriter Mystery) stars a nice lady writer who ghosts biographies plus does a number of other free lance writing gigs.  She starts working on the autobiography of a very wealthy elderly society woman, when a month into the gig, the woman apparently commits suicide by throwing herself over the balcony of her home.  Hmmmmm,   vedddy suspicious.

Nice easy read, interesting plot twists,  some likable characters, nothing too heavy.  A pleasant mystery, and dead people we don’t care too much about.  Actually, we don’t care too much about the ghost writer, either.  Didn’t come across as somebody about whom you would say to yourself, “Gee, I’d like to know her in real life.

All in all, kind of Agatha Christie meets … well, I don’t know.  A congenial read.   This author has written five books.  I will be looking for other work by her.

(Psssst.  By the way, the butler did it.)


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