WOOL by Hugh Howey

Wool use  Sci fi at its best.  This is one of my all-time favorite sci fi books.  Wonderfully written, with a premise that will  knock your socks off.  Assuming, that is, that you are wearing socks.

The setting is sometime in the future.  In anticipation of us blowing ourselves off the face of the earth, thereby creating some industrial strength nuclear fallout, the US government has built silos underground to house selected folks until such time as the air becomes breathable again.   The story opens many generations into the future, so many generations in that silo that no one knows its origins, or purpose or the original people.  It is just accepted that this is where they live.   There are windows which view the outside terrain, and miscreants are sent to ‘clean’ those windows with wool pads, hence the title.  But it is really a death sentence.  The cleaners don’t have enough air in their suits to survive.

I can’t tell you just how compelling this story is.  The characters are wonderful, the storyline mesmerizing, and you can’t wait to read more and more and more and more.   It’s one of those storylines that you never want to end.

The author is a nice guy, too, friendly and welcoming.  I believe he has a movie deal for this.  He is self-published, and it was word of mouth primarily that pushed this book into prominent view.

If you like sci fi, you will LOVE this book.


One comment on “WOOL by Hugh Howey

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