71fbh5AVYLL._SL1100_  Ever wanted to own a bookshop?  In a charming village?   Yeah, me, too.  Well, here’s just the place for you.  Already stocked, has employees, and is a turnkey operation.

The employees are an eccentric lot.  Some might say weird or whacko, but I prefer the more ladylike description.  It is a fun read.  If you are looking for Literary Fiction,  this ain’t it.  If you want some entertainment set in a bookstore, you got it right here, Bunky.

I liked it.  But then, I don’t expect every book to be War and Peace or Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu.   Sometimes, we just want a likable, gentle read.

I judge each book by its own genre.  Not fair to judge Village Books against Les Miserables,  ya know what I’m sayin?  But having said that,  it was the winner of the 2012 Independent eBook Award for best Literary Fiction.  So go figure.  And it is an e-book that seems to have actually gone through the line editing process, having no boo-boos, no typos, no bad grammar, and decently formatted for e-readers.   Can’t say THAT about every e-book you download.

Curl up in your favorite easy chair with your e-reader of choice, dream of owning a bookshop, then read Village Books and be grateful you don’t actually own one.

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One comment on “VILLAGE BOOKS by Craig McLay

  1. […] corruption in high and medium places and ancient evil.)  This fine book is from the author of Village Books, and although its style and voice have the same amiable tone, it is not anything like Village […]

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