THREE MEN IN A BOAT (To Say Nothing Of the Dog) – by Jerome K. Jerome

three_men_in_a_boat     I have a thing for books written around the turn of the century.  The turn of the TWENTIETH century, that is.  This little gem was penned in 1889, and is the humorous account of three young men who decide to take a boating holiday on the Thames River.   It had a film made of it in 1956, and a tv series in 2006.    It is a funny story that just never dies.  There was also a sequel about a cycling tour in Germany called Three Men on the Bummel, but it never gained the following that the boat tale has.

It was originally intended to be a serious travelogue written just after the commercial boating traffic died off and recreational boating became popular.   It was based on real events, but as it became apparent that those real events were really funny,  the author changed the tenor of the story, and added Montmorency, the fictional fox terrier who accompanied them.

It’s a hoot, and I don’t know how much you generally LOL when you read, but this darling book definitely had me chuckling enough to startle my old dog who dozed by my side as I read it.

(By the way,  Connie Willis paid homage to this book with the title of her comic time travel science fiction novel, To Say Nothing of the Dog: How We Found the Bishop’s Bird Stump at Last written in 1997.)

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