ABOVE THE BRIDGE by Debra Garner

above-bridge-deborah-garner-paperback-cover-art  A little bit western, (set in modern day Jackson Hole), a little bit mystery, a little bit paranormal, a little bit romance.  Just the ticket when you want to hit the hot SEO notes.  But having said that, it wasn’t bad.   What kicked it out of the ‘great’ category (for its type) was that the paranormal crap portions didn’t fit.  So the construction of the plot felt a bit schiz-y.  It would have worked just as well, if not better, without the paranormal parts,  really, it would have.

In addition, it has the requisite handsome guy who just happens to meet up with the single lady protagonist.  It also has the requisite  question of housing just coincidentally falling into place like it never does for us characters not in novels.  Have you ever noticed that if you want to rent or buy a place, it is either delightfully charming, but REALLY expensive, or affordable, but meh, but never both charming and affordable?   Right, me, too.

So anyway, did I mention it was part mystery?  That part was really good.  Has to do with buried treasure.

An easy, pleasant read, and nicely written.



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