THE EUTRUSCAN – by Linda Lappin



the_etruscan_pic  Old Etruscan tombs, empty of course, in the countryside of Italy.  It’s 1922 and the protagonista of this tale, Harriet,  goes there to photograph these tombs for the Theosophical Society.

I love stories about life in this era.  I don’t know why.  Maybe I was just born too late and should have been a high faluting’ flapper.

Harriet meets Federigo del Re, the Count of Vignavecchia, who lives nearby in an ancient building, which is near the tombs.  He is an occultist and amateur archaeologist, who introduces her to the eerie world of the Etruscans and their mystic sensuality.   Whoo hoo.  Mystic sensuality.  I am always in favor of mystic sensuality.

She eventually has a terrible breakdown, and her family comes to Italy to rescue her.  They find a diary she had been keeping.  When the family try to track down the lover, there is no trace of him, nor of others mentioned in the diary.  So who was he?  A delusion?  A Etruscan ghost?  A con man?

This is a fun mystery, and a very interesting read.   See if you can figure out the answers.



3 comments on “THE EUTRUSCAN – by Linda Lappin

  1. Phoghat says:

    What exactly might a “Theosophical Society” encompass? Is that expained?

  2. LLappin says:

    the theosophical society was a society dedicated to spiritual research that flourished in England in the early 1900s thanks so much for mentioning by book — I have a new one out set in Bomarzo, the Monster Park, called Signatures in Stone…. also set in the 1920s, in that same area of Italy

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