A VERY GOOD MAN by Brian Kennedy and P. S. Power

A very good man  Zombie Apocalypse.  Why is this such a popular trope?  I have no idea.  But you know what?  This was a pretty good book!   Lots of interesting themes going on in this book.

Here’s the set up:  the zombie apocalypse hits, and people are hiding out in places to escape/avoid them.  A group takes over an abandoned farm house to hole up in.  The protagonist is a young man willing to kill to protect the group, even kill members of the group who jeopardize the rest of the group.  Naturally, everyone is afraid of him, but they need someone like him,  and no one want to sleep with him because they are all afraid of him, a continuing trope of the story.

There are only a handful of people left, and they must harvest the crops to survive, etc.,  all the while   watching out for zombie attacks.  It’s really a wild ride.

In spite of the zombie aspect of the story, it examines just what is it we expect of our heroes/protectors, and what we expect of ourselves in emergencies.  Who can we trust?  And how far?

About 60% through, the story reveals a paranormal aspect, (yeah, as if zombies weren’t paranormal enough), but it works.  It fits the story.

Some people hated this book.  I really liked it.   It is told in first person,  and we feel we are really getting to know the protagonist and many of the other characters really well.

This is book one.  The next in the series is Dead End: A Very Good Neighbor.    There seems to be some confusion with the titles.  This is the Dead End series.  But the first was called in some editions Zombie Apocalypse, and now you can see it as Dead End: A Very Good Man.

If you like your zombie stories with some philosophical meat to them, instead of just blood and guts, you will like this one.



2 comments on “A VERY GOOD MAN by Brian Kennedy and P. S. Power

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