DRAWING BREATH by Laurie Boris

Drawing  breath  Caitlin lives in a house that has been divided into apartments.  She is a teen, with artistic aspirations.  A young man in his thirties moves into the apartment above her, and it turns out he is an artist,  and teaches art.   He suggests that Caitlin take a class with him to improve her basic skills.

But here’s the deal.   Daniel has cystic fibrosis, and at his age, has survived longer than any hopeful expectations of his family or doctors.  What will become of him?

As the story progresses, Daniel’s health declines.  It is the story of friendship, love, and the hard realities of life.

It is beautifully written,  one which makes the reader fall in love with all the characters,  whether we want to or not.

The author has two other books, The Joke’s on Me, and Don’t Tell Anyone.  I think I will try those as well, because I enjoyed this one so much.


One comment on “DRAWING BREATH by Laurie Boris

  1. laurieboris says:

    Hi, Marti. Thank you for reading!

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