Secret history  Greek scholars.  Six modern day kids in college studying Greek in a special study program.  Seems tame enough.  But, um, one of them dies tragically by falling off a cliff.  Or was he pushed?   Seems a tame enough plot,  with the usual ho-hum suspects, you would think.  But you would be wrong.  Dead wrong.  Pardon the pun.

Actually, we find out almost right away whodonnit.   It is the why that is so intriguing.

Basically a study of nascent personalities on the cusp of becoming who they will be as adults,  it takes us into that elite world of college education,  where snobbery and elitism reigns.   It is an examination — and a compelling one — of what it takes to be human, of the issues of loyalty, deceit, obsessive love, and rationalization.   Sounds like real life, doesn’t it.  Actually, it sounds like Fitzgerald.

I found it a page-turner of a book, as bit by bit the pieces of the puzzle are revealed to us.  So, have fun reading it.

And don’t stand too near the edges of precipices.  You never know who might dislike you enough to send you to the Final Frontier.


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