NORDIC NIGHTS – by Lise McClendon

Nordic nights   The only thing Nordic about this story is its connection with a Norwegian artist and the heritage of the protagonist.   It is one of those nice cozy-type mysteries, set in Jackson Hole, starring a young woman who owns an art gallery.   This is the third in the Alix Thorssen mystery series.

Lise McClendon is a prolific writer, with several series to her credit, and a couple of stand alone novels.  All her protagonists are strong female figures, which is always nice to read.

Mz. Alix lures a famous Norwegian artist to show his work in her gallery/shop during a winter festival, “Nordic Nights”.  And then, dang!  He turns up dead, stabbed.  Her parents are in town visiting, and dad is found standing over the body.  So of course he is a suspect.

Let’s face it.  All these kinds of stories are somewhat formulaic.  But a writer who can take that formula and make it work in her/his own way is to be admired.  It is what happens around the formula that makes a mystery worth while.  That’s where Dorothy Sayers shines.

A nice book, easy read, not too tough on the old bean power.   I read it during a hot spell here, and darn if all that talk about snow and ice sculptures and low temps didn’t cool me right off.


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