THE HANDBAG’S TALE by Louis Bertrand Shalako

Handbag  A sweet little novella (or is it a novelette?) set in 1924 Paris.  A police detective story about a man shot dead in a alley, and the gendarmes find a large, empty purse beside the body.  And there are seventeen thousand francs in his pocket.  How strange, oui?

As Inspector Maintenon says,

A certain type of victim requires a certain type of perpetrator.

And now to find the perpetrator.

A quick read, and not too damaging to your frontal lobes.  OH!  I almost forgot to tell you.  I researched the difference between a novella and a novelette.  A novella is normally longer than a short story but shorter than a novel, whereas a novelette is a short novel, typically one that is light and romantic or sentimental.

Yeah.  That clears it right up.   What if it is shorter than a long story?  Oh, never mind. This one is  short, and you can snag it for free on Smashwords.  Scroll down to the chart of downloading options.

I do so love free, don’t you?


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