Flies of August  Ever go dumpster diving for all those cool treasures that people with too much disposable income throw out?  Haha,  yeah, me too.  Well, after reading this excellent mystery/police procedural, you may decide to give the dumpsters a miss and just stick with curbside shopping.

A teen goes missing, and we learn about her through her parents, her friends, a guy for whom she dogwalks.

What is the connection between this and the dumpsters, you may ask.  Well, if you have to ask, you haven’t been including enough mysteries in your literary diet, Gentle Reader.

This wonderfully written story is told from the perspective of a lady cop who just made detective, and this is her first murder case.   Lots of good characters in it, nothing improbable,  and stuff that makes you wonder why cops want to be cops.

This is the second offering from indie writer P. J. Smith.  His first novel, Discards, published  in South Africa in 2002, was named one of the best three SA books of the year by the Johannesburg Star.  I am  looking forward to more from him.




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