ZOMBIE, INC. by Christine Dougherty

Zombie inc  I don’t usually read zombie apocalypse books because, being the pragmatist that I am, I can’t understand how something that is dead, with no eyes in many cases, can actually chase down human victims.   Plus, I have a hard time suspending disbelief enough to get past the realities of zombies existence   to get into the storyline.

But when I saw this title, I thought, “Holy corporate mentality, Batman!”,  someone (other than fiction writers) have found a way to cash in on the zombie outbreaks.  Dang!

The story is set in the future about 75 years from now, and the place is the United Five-State Republic, where the government and the only large corporation seemed to be one and the same.  The corporation exists to create security measures against zombies, who came about from a plague which we get the vague idea came from some scientific experiments in the western part of the US.  It is not safe to be out,  but

even back then, around 2020 or so, most of the shopping had become an online activity; even groceries were being delivered.  Schools had become unsafe, and online curriculums that allowed children to participate from the safety of their homes had become popular.  Most of the schools had begun to close once the government grants for laptops and internet access had become commonplace.  In some areas around big cities, the air had become slightly too toxic to breathe without a respirator, and the sun, of course, was killing anyone who ventured out without protection.    Being outside was not only impractical, it had become dangerous.  And then, of course, the plague hit, and being outside became close to impossible.

So the corporation was riding high, but there was this itsy bitsy problem — the world was running out of zombies.  No one had seen one in months.  Zombie, Inc. was becoming the last buggy whip manufacturer of the time — no zombies, no need for security.  What’s a corporation to do?

The story is about the lives of an ‘Assessor” who goes beyond the protective walls of Zombie, Inc.’s large enclave to take care of individual customers who do not live within the walls, and his new trainee.

They are hampered by zapped people, that is: Z.A.P.T. – Zombies Are People, Too –  who want to stop the killing and experimenting on zombies.

You can’t describe zombie carnage without describing the effects on the survivors.  And this is definitely the story of survivors.

Lock your doors and windows,  get yourself a nice glass of blood  beer, and settle in for a great read.


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