THE SHOLES KEY – Clarissa Draper

Sholes Key  Cryptology.  I love that stuff.  Codes.  Secret messages.  You know, stuff like that.  Except when the encrypted messages are carved on the bodies of dead people.  Eeeeuuuu.

All across London, single mothers are vanishing.  Newly promoted Detective Inspector Theophilus Blackwell is assigned the case of Lorna McCauley, which, on the outside seems to be a simple case of mid-life crisis and child abandonment.

Elsewhere in London, MI5 analyst, (that’s British agency lingo for cryptologist) Sophia Evans, is working undercover to catch an animal rights group responsible for targeted bombings.

Through one thing and another, the two come together as their disparate cases seem to merge.

A very intrigung mystery, goosebumpy events, some insight into code breaking, and some nice personal stuff on our two protagonists.

Ok, I will give you a little hint.  Sholes Keyboard.

keyboard-sholes shoals 2

That’s all you get.  Go read the book.



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