Coloradokid_pb  The Colorado Kid is a mystery novel written by Stephen King for the Hard Case Crime imprint, published in 2005.

It sucked.  It is actually more of a novella, and it is tedious.  The basic plot is a young girl is apprenticing with a couple of old timers on a small newspaper on some island in Maine.  The old coots tell her of an unsolved mystery of a guy who was found dead sitting on a bench on a deserted beach.

Here’s why it sucked.  The mystery is never solved.  So you read through all this cutesy dialog basically for nothing.  I want my mysteries solved, my loose ends tightened up, my stories with a beginning, a middle and an end.  I have enough mysteries in real life.  I read for entertainment, education, and escape.  No point in escaping to more horse manure, is there?

And anyway, like I said, it is really a novella.  A fairly short read.

OK, so I’m not nuts about everything King writes.  Earl Stanley Gardner he ain’t.  So what.   I still love him for The Dark Tower.  That whole tale continues to stay with me.


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