FINAL ARRANGEMENTS by Donna Huston Murray

final arrangementsThis is the second book in the Ginger Barnes mystery series.   Ginger is married to the headmaster of an upscale Main Line Philadelpia private school.  She has two kids and a quirky mother.  The quirky mother finagles  Ginger to drive her and her old school friend to the Philadelphia Horticultural Show — you know, the Philadelphia Flower Show.

The old school friend is a competitor in the Niche category.  And she is a nasty bitch, too, pardon my Swahili.  At the show, merciful heavens, she is found strangled to death.  Egads and little fishes.

Ginger is a likable and realistic character, caught up in the busy life that is the lot of mothers of school age children.  But she is also caught up in the intriguing mystery of who killed that nasty bitch old school friend of mom’s.  Fortunately, the detective on the case is an old school friend of Ginger’s, who seems content to let her run around amassing clues for him.  Oh well.  It’s fiction.  And a pleasant one, but not one that compels me to wait with bated breath for the next in the series.

It’s in that category of interest and nice mysteries.

I grew up and lived in the general area in which the book was set, and am familiar with all the towns, roads, areas mentioned, so it had an additional interest for me.


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