Death Ain’t But A Word by Zander Marks

Death  Zowee!  An urban fantasy (I didn’t even know there WAS an urban fantasy genre) paranormal with a title that keeps the reader thinking long after having finished the book.

Just because Wilkin’s a crackhead doesn’t mean the shadows aren’t real.

They’re real. And they’ve been haunting him since he was seven years old. Mostly he ignores them.

But when the ghost of his childhood friend shows up at the local motel, Wilkin can’t ignore the call of friendship. And when his friend’s killer buys the motel so he can destroy the remains, Wilkin can’t ignore that, either.

Wilkin steals his friend’s skull before the killer can destroy it and is plunged into a hot mess of a supernatural thrill ride.

A death-race pursuit of a child’s skull. A ghost-talking trucker hauling plush toys to Kansas. Five demonic farm-kids in a housing project. A Dodge City marshal with justice on his mind. And a graveyard full of snitches.  (This is the official plot blurb.)

But that blurb doesn’t do justice to the quality of the characters, and tell you about the store owner in the hood who has rules for crackheads, one of which is they must eat a piece of fruit in his store (for free), and they can’t take it with them.  They must eat it there.  He is doing his best to keep them a little bit healthy and fed.

Or it doesn’t tell you about the Yardwalkers – the unsung heroes who spend their time in the cemeteries comforting and soothing the ghosts to keep them out of trouble.

Or the shadeslavers, or. … well, you will just have to read it.  Beautifully plotted and written, the characters true, the story compelling, the action exciting.  It just has it all.  Wonderful book!


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