DEATH BY FACEBOOK by Everett Peacock

Death by facebook  Everett Peacock is an interesting writer.  Nothing he writes is anything like anything else he writes.   He is the author of the lovely The Parrot Talks in Chocolate,  and believe me,  Death by Facebook is nothing like that.

So what we have is a dead narrator, killed by his girlfriend.  Who uses his own FB page to announce his death, to the bemusement of his friends and family.  The girlfriend then tries to impersonate him, mostly unsuccessfully.  We have some hippies in a hidden enclave,  some hints at incest, no, I’m serious!  We have  the military looking for their AWOL guy who is supposed to be deployed overseas,  and crimininy, what else?  Since it is set in Hawaii, we have lots of Hawaii stuff.  And more?  You will have to read it yourself to get the full effect.

A fun read, in spite of the afterlife angle.  🙂




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