THE GRAVE BLOGGER by Donna D. Fontenot

The-Grave-Blogger Raya is a young woman who blogs about true crime, often unsolved mysteries.  She rummages around the internet looking for interesting stories, and comes upon one that catches her attention, and she goes into a kind of trance in which odd ‘memories’ seem to surface.

The unsolved crime was the horrendous murder of the town’s mayor, wife and two young kids, after being put through some serious psychological torture.  Did Raya actually see it somehow?

This thriller, set in the bayou country of Louisiana,  is not really a mystery, because we learn fairly early on through the italicized thoughts of the killer, who did the dirty.  So the bulk of the story is that of Raya and her family trying to outrun and outthink the killer.

It is based around a simplified version of game theory, with choice options.

“Everything we do is a choice.”  Pointing to the side [of a three-sided die] with the letter A on it, he explained, “This is Choice A.”  Turning it, he said, “And this is choice B.”  He stopped explaining, so I asked him  “What’s on th third side?”  He looked at the letter X that was marked on the third side before answering me.  “That’s the choice someone else will make for me if I don’t choose A or B.”

It was really a good suspenseful thriller, with the exception of the dialog.  I found the dialog somewhat strained and stiff.   And the characters use the names of others way more than we really do in real life.   I mean, think about it.   When you are speaking to someone, how often do you use their name?

My other tiny complaint is the use of ultra trendy slang.  “I considered going all caveman on her”.   I only dislike it because it really dates a book.  Three years from now,  that expression will look odd and out of fashion.

Perhaps I have come to the end of books set in Louisiana.  Perhaps not.  I’ll choose.



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