rOther People's Skeletons  This accomplished and prolific writer is the author of 19 books, and a whole bunch of short stories.  Looking through the list of her novels, I swear I have read several of them, but who remembers anymore?  Heck, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning,  let alone what I read years ago in the lighter fiction genres.

Rebecca Schwartz is a lawyer who has what may be the funniest secretary west of the Pecos.  He — yes, a ‘he’ — is a failed actor, but he gets it out of his system while working for Julie and her partner, Chris.  Worth the read just for his vignettes.

Chris, the partner,  is the lead suspect in the murder-by-hit-and-run of a famous and popular theater critic.  In her efforts to get Chris off the suspect list, Rebecca discovers that Chris is psychic, that the deceased seems to be leading two lives, that some people in life really get dealt a terrible hand, and that bigotry comes in all forms by way of intolerance of others’ belief systems.   There is a thread running through the story concerning secrets.  Everybody has some.  Everybody is holding something back.

A well-told tale, with a deft touch.  The atmosphere feels right, and if some of the characters are a smidge over the top, she’s not trying to be P. D. James, but to entertain us and maybe make us think just a little bit about things.

I think I’ll dig around and see what other of her books I can lay my hands on.

So come over here and sit by me and tell me your secrets.  I promise I won’t tell a soul.  Girl Scouts honor.





One comment on “OTHER PEOPLE’S SKELETONS by Julie Smith

  1. […] is the fourth of the Skip Langdon mystery series by prolific author Julie Smith.  I read her Other People’s Skeletons,  featuring a different protagonist, Rebecca […]

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