A Very Good Neighbor  Jake and the Zombies, and the folks living in the farmhouse from A Very Good Man are back, still fighting the Zombies and each other.  In this second of a four-book series, we learn more about the strange characters who outed themselves as folks of other ‘races’, with paranormal superpowers.

We find that every time Jake tries to leave the farmhouse and go live in another smaller farmhouse he found, about 3 miles away, everything falls apart at the main house, and a delegation is sent to bring him back.

The nasty guy with the superpower of extraordinary hormones which make all women fall in love with him, even though he is thoroughly evil,  makes a return appearance, to his everlasting detriment.

Jake still doesn’t get laid, but we finally find out why it is not in his destiny.  The house must now accommodate another 93 people rescued from the police compound in town, most of them women, a few men and some children.  Jake waxes philosophical:

Really, thinking about it carefully, Jake wondered if he was just being a pessimist.  Then did they have those anymore?  It was so hard to tell.

Did it really matter if the field was half-full of zombies or half-empty?

We meet more of those superpower guys — and the community in the farmhouse plans a Christmas celebration, complete with a jaunt into the woods to cut a tree — oh, and kill and behead zombies, too.  Nothing carols “Christmas” more than zombie killing, right?

I am three quarters through the next book, A Very Good Thing, and cued up and ready to go is the final denouement, A Very Dark Place.

I am really getting into the Christmas spirit.  “Deck the halls with walking dead.  Fa la la la la, la la la la.”


One comment on “A VERY GOOD NEIGHBOR by P. S. Power

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