Very Good Thing  The third volume in the Dead End series, (A Very Good ManA Very Good Neighbor, A Very Good Thing carries on the storyline. (What is interesting about this author’s style is that each successive volume just dives right in, as though he wrote the whole thing all at once, and then decided where to make the volume breaks, and afterward putting in  minimal backstory explanations to references that obviously needed it.  Fine when you are reading them back to back.  A little disconcerting, I would think, for readers who did not start with volume one.)

Chugging right along, this book is mainly about Christmas, more zombie shooting  in defense of a massive zombie attack, then warfare with the cannibals who have made an appearance.  Whew! Not to mention the Christmas guests, the struggle to get a tree and get it home safely, and decorated.

Dynamo that our Jack, the protagonist and Very Good Man, is, he is beginning to wear down.  Depression was setting in in a more serious fashion.  It had been about ten months since the onset of the plague.

Really, he was tired of living.  Just giving up wasn’t an option though, not for him.  So he needed to sleep, somehow manage not to become a zombie, and then get to work on everything else that was needed.  The cannibal attack would be coming soon ….

Talking about one of the not-exactly human groups at the House, he thinks

Out of all the groups they seemed to have the best sense of humor.  It kind of shocked him that anyone had one of those left at all, but it was a good thing.  A very good thing.  It meant that there was hope, didn’t it?  If they could still laugh, they could, maybe, learn to live again.

In this volume, we are introduced to the notion that the infection causing the zombies may be deliberate.  But by whom?  Government?  Some other powers?

Things are getting more tense, if that is even possible.  Danger is becoming a possibility within the house, as much as it is outside the house.

Always a bad thing, letting crazy have the floor.

And after some serious psychological sh events, Jake has had all he can take.  He changes.

“This is the saddest day in history.  Worse than anything else ever has been.”  She whispered to the room.  “This is the day when A Very Good Man became A Very Dark Thing, to save us all.”

All of the various ‘races’ of beings have a similar legend of A Very Good Man who appears at the End Times to save or destroy the society, depending on whether it is worth saving or not.  As you might have guessed by now, Jake and the battle with the walking dead and the cannibals and his own people looks like a metaphor for the Book of Revelations.

I am a quarter into the final volume, A Very Dark Place.   I’ll let you know what happens.


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