CITY OF BONES by Michael Connelly

City of bones  Harry Bosch, a middle aged homicide detective in LA gets called out on a case of bones.  A retired doctor takes his dog for a walk in the Hollywood Hills, and his off leash dog comes gamboling back with a bone in his mouth.  A human bone.  It turns out the bone is one of the entire skeleton dug up by animals, up on the almost inaccessible hillside.  The bones are identified as those of a child, maybe ten years old or so.  With evidence of a lot of childhood trauma and abuse.

And now comes the job to identify those bones, and find the killer, because it becomes clear the child was murdered.

This is the eighth Harry Bosch police procedural,and I am truly sorry I missed the first seven.  It is a stand alone book, however, so not to fret.  You don’t need to have read the first seven to know what is going on.

Michael Connelly is a prolific writer, with a couple of series, articles, essays, etc.  One of his books is going to movie.

I confess:  I am a sucker for anything with ‘bones’ in the title.  One of the reasons I liked the TV series Bones.  And of course, David Boreanaz didn’t hurt the cause, either.


One comment on “CITY OF BONES by Michael Connelly

  1. Phoghat says:

    detective novels aren’t my first choice, but because of this review I’d give it a shot. Vesides I like anything with “Bones” in the title also, and Deschanel didn’t hurt either

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