WAR PARTY by Joseph Flynn

WarParty_Home   The second in the John Tall Wolf mystery series (The first was Tall Man in Ray-Bans) starts off with the city of New Orleans being brought to a nightmarish standstill when all the power goes out in the city, gridlock ensues, and 8 Indians in full war paint roar up to a bank on big Indian motorcycles, enter, rob and leave the bank in two minutes.

Are they real Indians?  Maybe.  Who knows?  So BIA Special Agent John Tall Wolf is brought into the case to help out the local police and the FBI.

In this book, the US has a woman president, a woman vice president, and a woman Chief of Staff.  Talk about fantasy fiction!   Interesting personalities abound, as do theories of who is behind the robbery, with an Indian group coming late to the party to claim responsibility.

Then, another hit in Las Vegas.  OK, why New Orleans?  Why Las Vegas?  What do these cities have in common?  And will there be more?

Intergovernmental politics,  maybe a love interest, and a nice tidy tie-up at the end.

They’d arrived in town the previous night and celebrated John’s promotion with Marcellus Darcy and Edmee LaBelle at the Krazy Korner.  They listened to Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers.  They talked and danced and laughed into the wee hours.

Yeah, baby.



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