DANGEROUS WOMEN compiled by Otto Penzler

dangerous  A wonderful collection of short stories about dangerous women, which usually include some dangerous men, mostly made dangerous by their own gullibility and vulnerability.

Penzler gives us an introduction in which he examines the notion of  ‘dangerous women’.  He thinks

the most dangerous women are those who are irresistible.  Each of us may have a unique weakness, an Achilles’ heel that is unfathomable to others…

The notion of a ‘dangerous woman’ is an old one.  Think Jezebel, Helen of Troy, the Sirens, Scylla, Delilah, the femme fatal of countless fiction throughout the ages.  Think Basic Instinct,  The Last Seduction.  Think Carrie.   Think, if you will, Gone Girl.  Right.  Now you have the picture.

The women in the collection of stories all seem to be dangerous in a psychological way, as well as in a physical way.  They all get into the heads somehow of the man in the story.  And there is always a man in the story, isn’t there.

This collection has a woman sniper, a paranormal evil gal from ancient times,  a jilted lover, a woman bent on revenge of a death in the family, a woman who suggests to the man she just met in the bar that for entertainment, they kill someone at random.  And many, many more.

A fun, yet chilling read.  And you know what?  It is worth it just to read Penzler’s introductory essay on dangerous women.

Have fun.  And guys?   Maybe you might want to sleep with the lights on.




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