COUNTY OPS by Joel Jurrens

countyopsThe sub on this is The Vengeance of Gable Fitzgerald, which sounded ominous, but it is supposed to be a mystery/thriller, so I gave it a shot….. you’ll pardon the pun.

It stars the kind of lone wolf can-do kind of guy we all secretly admire, while publicly deploring his methods.   He is retired from what is apparently some kind of covert government agency that Dare Not Speak Its Name, and of which there are no records.    He is Navy, Seal, Team Six and whatever else is deadly.  But he is done with all that.  That is, until he gets word that his mother, with whom he has not spoken in 30 years, has died while out hunting in a graveyard at night.  WTF?   She is 77, she doesn’t hunt, and never goes out at night because of her eyesight.

So our boy hops a flight back to his remote rural home to check on what has happened, and finds the Sheriff and Chief Deputy stonewalling about the incident, considering it case closed.   Enter stage right a young FBI female  agent, trying to tract down a large meth lab operation in the area, and about which the local gendarmes insist they have no intel on nor evidence of.  Hmmmm……

Things get exciting, violent, bloody, but in all the right ways.  Our guy does some pretty nifty stuff in the deadly arts area, and we are following along all pleased with him and ourselves, until near the end when …..

I can’t give it away.  You really will have to read the book.  If you like thrillers, you will really really like this one.  You will like Gable (isn’t that just the coolest name!),  and you will not like how the book ends, but it ends satisfactorily.  Sort of.


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