HEIR TO MISFORTUNE by Juliet B. Madison

Heir-to-Misfortune.225x225-75This is the second in the British  DI Frank Lyle police procedural series.  The first was Second Chances, and you can see my thoughts on that here.

This volume is set five years after the events in the first book.  DI Lyle is still getting over the death of his best friend and partner in the first book.   In fact, he is still wallowing somewhat, and we Gentle Readers want to grab his shoulders and shake him REALLY HARD and yell, “Get OVER it already.  It’s been five frikkin years!”   Which I guess is the mark of an engaging story when you start having dialogue  with the characters in the book.

It is told in the first person, and frankly,as a side note,  between you and me, if he tells me one more time how tall he is, and how good looking he is, I am going to throttle him.  I am not senile.  I remember that I ate breakfast and what my name is.   I don’t need to be told twenty times he is tall and good looking.  It gets annoying.  It reminds me of my next door neighbor who if she tells me once, she tells me thirty times, that she has bad knees and a dicey heart.

Got more bodies, natch,  and in fact, the count is rising somewhat alarmingly, and damn, wouldn’t you know it, it’s only a few days before Christmas, so you can imagine the impediments to getting anything done at that time of the year what with everyone swanning off to parts elsewhere.

I’m not telling you any more about this except to say that the deceased are not teenage girls. And there are no zombies in it.  And no aliens.  And the storyline is really really interesting.

Oh.  And DI Lyle and his wife are going to have a baby.  Awwww.   Isn’t that nice?  Yeah, it really is.


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