TIN GOD by Stacy Green

tin-god-stacy-green Mississippi.  For us Damn Yankees, it’s a mysterious land of plantation houses, seedy trailer parks, ghosts, cheap fireworks, steamboat gambling casinos, and people who talk funny.

But it is really just a place where people are just like the rest of the world, trying to live their lives, survive,struggle,  get ahead.  And talk funny.

This is a page-turner of a saga of some rich people, some religious fanatics, some poor people, and a lot of murders, set in the historic town of Roselea, less than two hours away from the crossroads of Routes 61 and 49, the crossroads where many people believe Robert Johnson sold his soul to the evil in exchange for his blues mastery.

It is the story of a dysfunctional family, with a capital DYS, of how a few poor decisions and desperation can lead to lots more poor decisions and even more desperation, and of how you can’t always fix what’s broke.  Sometimes the damage is irremediable.

It is the story of sin without the mitigating redemption, of mourning, loss and infinite sadness.

The characters who populate this book are people you probably know in real life.   Some are kind,  some are  struggling, some are mean as cat sh*t, some are lost, some are trying to maintain a stability in an unstable world.

It is a complex, deep story, and I am not going to summarize it for you, because I don’t want to give anything away, especially the jaw-dropping ending.  If you really want to know the plot, go to Amazon and read it there.  Just know that if you like mysteries and realistic stories about the people involved in them,  this book is for you.

This novel was runner up for The Kindle Book Review’s 2013 Mystery/Thriller and an Amazon summer bestseller.  It is a compelling read, and I read it in two sittings, staying up way past my bedtime.

And there are two more in the series,  Skeleton’s Key and Ashes and Bone.  Hot damn!


2 comments on “TIN GOD by Stacy Green

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