SKELETON’S KEY by Stacy Green

Skeleton's Key Old antebellum plantation house in Mississippi.  Secret rooms, hidden passages.  And a skeleton in the basement.  Oh, yeah, and some bodies in the basement, too.

Yeah, just your typical day in the Old South, sipping sweet tea, restoring old dilapidated mansions, and hauling out the bodies.   Ho hum.

In this second of the Delta Crossroads series, the first being Tin God, we meet up again with our favorite peeps, and now Cage, the deputy lives in the carriage house of a vacant plantation house, and acts as caretaker and minor handyman for the empty Church-owned property.

Then a young woman from Indiana, after her mother’s death, researches and buys the property.  She is an expert in historical home restoration,  the smallish Ironwood is in her price range, and she figures, new start, new life.   Well, bless her heart, she’s a Yankee for pete’s sake!  An outsider!  Who talks too fast and nobody can understand her.

That skeleton I spoke so lovingly of?  When Deputy Cage and the electrician were in the basement checking the fuse box in preparation for the Damn Yankee’s arrival, they discover gleaming in the funky overhead bulb, a skull.   So natch they call in the authorities, who start a dig, tape up the house as a crime scene, and poor Mz Scarlett Wannabe is forced to make other temporary arrangements, with the help of Deputy Cage.    Mz Scarlett insists on sleeping on the only piece of furniture in the house, a sofa in the parlor, when she hears a noise in the basement. Whoa Nelly!   She carefully eases down to the basement to see……EEEEEK   a raccoon chewing on a ….. oh dear….. a human finger.

Well, this makes it a whole nother kettle of collards.  The authorities come back and find two more bodies down there, wrapped in plastic bags.   Well!  Our boy is starting to look good for offing these unknown former people,  mainly cause the head investigator doesn’t like him.  There is a Cloud Of Suspicion hanging over his head.  No motive, no real evidence, but somebody’s gotta swing for this, right?

Inside the house, the church had locked up a number of rooms hoping to preserve what they could from renters, but the keys have gone missing, and the title is a very clever play on words, because they are all looking for a skeleton key to open all those locked doors, and of course, there are clues connected to that skeleton in the basement, whose bones are thought to be quite old, not at all recent.

Another great mystery, with our familiar  friends starring in the action, and and you just know it is going to get exciting.  Especially if you have read Tin God.   This is a stand alone book, not necessary to have read Tin God, but if you have, it will definitely add to the pleasure.

OK, gotta go to the store.  Now where did I put my keys?





One comment on “SKELETON’S KEY by Stacy Green

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