ASHES AND BONE by Stacy Green

AshesAndBoneEbookFinalBnNThe third and final (awwwwww) book in the Delta Crossroads mystery series, after Tin God and Skeleton’s Key, is a humdinger with a kidnapping, an apparent suicide, and a sinkhole.

Our Mz Scalett wannabe (Dani) is now besties with the protagonist of the first book, Jaymee.  Jaymee is now romantically involved with Nick, the widowed husband of the late sister of Deputy Cage, (who is now Inspector Detective Cage), and who is the main squeeze of Dani.

Are you getting all this?  Want me to wait a mo while you jot this down?

Anyhoo, Nick is a gungho journalist hot on a lead to something really big in Rosalea, Mississippi, involving a former state senator and the usual complement of rich folks.  Looks like it concerns the faking of Civil War memorabilia.  It’s a big business,  but is it big enough to involve the Dixia Mafia?    For some interesting  stuff on just this topic, take a look at this article from Reuters Fakery is a big industry, evidently.

We also have the rushing through of a foreclosure of the first free black-owned property in the area, and then the unseemly rushing through of some zoning changes that would allow said property zoned for condos and resort activities.

Follow the money.  I’m telling you, it’s always the money.  Ka-ching.  Ka-ching.

Another really good mystery, and with Mz. Green’s signature ending of a perp coming from out in left field, leaving our jaws once again dragging on the red clay of Mississippi.





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