SYSTEM OF THE DEAD by Mike Ricksecker

System  I love the cover.   You might think this is about a hard drive crash —  and we’ve all been THERE, haven’t we, my children.  But no, this is about a murder.   Several murders, actually, and although we have all wanted to kill somebody when we are having computer problems, that’s not why these deceased people ended up being in the past tense.

See, there’s this guy who has been working on some kind of awesome computer operating system since his college days, and has finally reached the end stages with the help of some other coders, and now there is a big development company interested in it and are willing to put in a ginormous amount of money to promote and distribute it.

He finally hit the big time.  And then commits suicide.   Whaaaa?    But let’s backtrack.

P.I. Chase Michael DeBarlo,  just this side of being a broke P.I., receives a visit from the wife of said suicidee months before he became a suicidee, wanting to hire DeBarlo to get evidence on the hubs that he is cheating on her.  DeBarlo does just that, with incriminating photos and all.  Well done!  All in a day’s work.

Then some time later, she is back in his office, six months after the suicide, telling our P.I. that she doesn’t believe it was a suicide, and wants him to investigate to see if he can find evidence that the guy was murdered.

Well, need I tell you that our P.I. has a hacker friend,  (Of course he does.  What self-respecting P.I. doesn’t have a hacker friend?) some seriously devious women in the case, and thusly more dead bodies?  No, of course I don’t need to tell you this.  The case gets beautifully convoluted, strings unravel to reveal all kinds of deceit and duplicity, bullets fly, and all in all, it’s a great read!

This is the second in a series about DeBarlo, but it is truly a stand alone book, no need to have read the first volume for full enjoyment of this book.




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