SHADOW PLAY by Joel A. Parisi

ShadowYou’ve all heard of those cool superheroes, right?   I read a fun book about Superheros  but this book is about the gritty side of superheros,  the …..dum de dum dum …. Super Villains!

It is not a tongue-in-cheek book, it is an almost noir look at a special government team charged with cleaning up the supervillain population which exploded out of control after the zombie infestation.  (I think I have that right.  I might have gotten that part wrong.)   And the way to do this is this:

               Current supervillain theory calls for a homeostatic system to arise after the first year and a half to      two years.  This means the number of new supervillains spontaneously mutating should level off to a point where they are sufficient to replace those which have died without actually increasing the population.

The team works for S.H.R.A.I D. which stands for Supervillain Handling, Research, and Intervention Department, which had

               reverse engineered matter transportation technology from a villain’s devices.

But in working with an unsuspecting tech villain, the sillain (Silicon) asks, “You wouldn’t happen to have a Swiss Army knife on you?”  Hahahaha.   Yeah, you can’t beat those Swiss Army knives, no matter how high tech you go.

We have discontented henchmen, and cool supervillain names like Smokescreen, and The Mastermind, the top boss of them all.   We have this top secret team of operatives.   We have cool technology.

And what we have is a really fun read, and lots of cleverness going on.  I don’t usually read this kind of fantasy, comic books, graphic books, but I have to say I really enjoyed this.  I bet there are more to come.   Just call it my Super Power of Book Prognostication.






One comment on “SHADOW PLAY by Joel A. Parisi

  1. Thanks for the review, Marti!

    (Was the zombie outbreak thing tongue in cheek? ‘cuz I’m pretty sure… oh. Oh, I can see why you thought that. *facepalm* The term ‘outbreak’ was referring to the /supervillain/ outbreak. I forgot to make that clear.)

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