skeletons I am a total sucker for anything with ‘skeletons’ or ‘bones’ in the title.  Oh, creepy me.   I am also a sucker for British mysteries.   Maybe because they seem more polite and less noir than a lot of American crime stories.   What a dork I am.  I want my criminals and my police personnel to be polite.   Oh, Lawsy me.

Well, this British mystery, police procedural, definitely fills the bill, with polite police and nice villagers and appropriately snotty upper class types.   And a skeleton.   I love it when skeletons become unearthed unexpectedly.  This particular skeleton came to light after a storm with strong wins blew over an old tree in one of the fields of a large horse farm, its upturned roots revealing bones!

The bones turn out to belong to a young woman who went missing in about 1991.  And we have some interesting suspects,  and some darn fine police work going on.

We also have a ….now what the heck is he?  Oh, yeah,  Detective Chief Inspector Pete Hatherall, and his partner Detective Inspector Fiona Williams.  DI Williams is a single lady having just booted out her latest inappropriate guy, and DCI Hatherall is a moody dude, having spent what was supposed to be a holiday (that’s a vacation for you Yanks) arguing with his wife, and brooding over his older teenage daughter who was being, well, difficult.  (Boy, I remember THOSE days!)

So we have a nice mix of personal stuff, and a great mystery to keep you entertained by the fire.  All in all, a very satisfying mystery.

And the butler did NOT do it.


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