The-Transition-of-Johnny-Swift_250pxFiery Frank Brazier is a race car driver in the Formula 2500 circuit.  He’s good.  Really good.  And he sees dead people.  Nah, no he doesn’t.  He sees shadow people.  Yeah, really!   And when they are sitting on the hood of his race car in the middle of a race, it can be very distracting. Ya think?

He sees this shadow guy here and there, and has been for a number of months.  No face, just a guy in a hood.  And no real substance.  He can see through the guy, darkly.

Brain tumor?   Ghost?  Portents of coming doom?  The Grim Reaper?   And then….. yikes, he hits the curb with one tire, spins out of control, and we are SURE he is going to wake up dead and that shadow man was Some Spirit From The Other Side.

But no, Gentle Reader, he wakes up alive, and goes on to win the race.    OK, so maybe that shadow guy was an angel.

Nah again.  There is more.  Lots more.  Like when he is going with his sister via train to London, and sees a shadow couple on the platform.   Holy Goosebumps, Batman.  And sure enough, there’s a train wreck.  And he STILL doesn’t wake up dead.   So what’s going on?

And what is going on is what the whole book is about.  And you won’t guess what is going on.  I am not even going to tell you the genre.  You will have to figure it out for yourself.

This is one humdinger of a story, and right up until the end….. and even after you close the book …… you won’t be able to make up your mind whether the events are figments, fiction, reality or some combo thereof.  (I’ll take one from Column A and two from column B, and supersize the soda, please.)

You totally HAVE to read this.   It is available for preorder now, so do not delay because the author tells me he is offering an e-version of The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn (the sequel to the novelette), to anyone placing a pre-order for Johnny Swift.  So if you are like me and like spooky books and also dig British police procedural mysteries, seems like a deal, no?

If you want to know more about this book than I am willing to tell you, go here.




One comment on “THE TRANSITION OF JOHNNY SWIFT by Kerry J. Donovan

  1. […] or bye the by?) changing gears,  Donovan also wrote another of my favorite paranormal books, The Transition of Johnny Swift.   It is about a race car driver.  Race car driver. Changing gears.  See what I did there?  Go […]

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