DEBTS AND DRUIDS by Diana J. Febry

Debts and Druids by Diana J. FebryThe Appearance of financial stability could cover over the cracks of most things.  But what happened if that stability was a myth?

Bob is a college lecturer in a smallish university.  He is blessed with a loving wife and two teenagers.  But Bob has some serious money problems, problems that he has kept hidden from his family, for fear of looking like a failure in their eyes.

It doesn’t help any that the little wifey is horse-obsessed, keeps two of them, and has gotten into dressage, all of which is a huge drain on the family resources.  Dressage, you ask?  Wiki tells us

Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport, defined by the International Equestrian Federation as “the highest expression of horse training”, where “horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements.     Dressage Photo 6Yeah, it’s the activity where the riders dress up in that fancy outfit with the hat.  Costs a bundle, what with the training, the special paddocks, the clothes, the entry fees, etc.  Not to mention how much those critters eat!

Bob’s best friend is Richard “Call me Dick”, who has left his lucrative lawyer profession and his family to become a druid priest.  He begins to grow his air long, sports a beard, then sandals, and finally the traditional robes.  People look at him funny.

And then there is Sarah who is soooooo not what she seems, and what she seems is a lovely, calm, perfect wife and mother.  She is wife to the vet, Duncan, whom Bob hates because of the astronomical vet bills for those damn horses of his wife.

It is a funny, light-hearted look at the trials and tribs of financial difficulties and horse obsession.  But slowly, slowly,  subtly, it grows a bit less light-hearted, becomes darker, and you find you are no longer chuckling to yourself as you read.  It becomes a tale of just how far people are willing to go to preserve their image.  It comes to an ending you never saw coming.

Eko.  Eko.  Azarak.

Eko.  Eko. Zomelak

Eko. Eko. Cernunnos

Eko. Edo. Aradia.

I call on the powers of earth, moon, sun and stars.

I call on the elements of earth, water, air and fire.

To the spirits of all that have passed and those yet to come.

To the Gods and Goddesses, ancient and young,

Come hear my song.  Come see my view.


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