dcijonesDCI Jones, a somewhat OCD kind of guy (think Monk lite), picks up another case, and this one is pretty eeeuuuuie.  (We first met the Chief Inspector in his casebook: Raymond Francis Collins.)  He is back, along with his attractive (and gay) female partner, a very competent chick from Sweden, who totally has his back.

A young teen girl, 13 years old, goes missing, but in searching her belongings, her parents find her passport is missing.  So did she run away, or was she abducted?

This is not a mystery, per se, because we know right from the beginning who dunnit and what they done did, and geez are they two of the most disgusting characters this side of …. ummm, well, Hades, I guess.   The story unfolds being told alternately from the disgust0’s viewpoint, and then from the side of DCI Jones.   What the book is is a combo of British police procedural and thriller, as the action moves back and forth between Britain and France.   Is the girl found?  Is she found dead?  Gives me the freaking shivers just thinking about this stuff.

It is the story of serial killers, and of …..  you know, this is just too yukky to discuss in detail.  You really must read it, because it is quite a ride!

I really am a wuss.  I like my murders bloodless, and the murderees unknown to me.  I am an Agatha Christie kind of mystery fan.  You know, where the deceased is usually already dead when we open the book, and the story is not so much about the gruesome murdering of it all but about the detecting. Yeah, they don’t call me PollyAnna for nothing.

Another well-crafted book by Kerry Donovan, with characters we certainly do love.  OK, not so much the obstructionist boss guy of Jones, and certainly not the perps, but in general.  You know what I mean.

Donovan is the author of the soon-to-be-released The Transition of Johnny Swift,  a paranormal-ish, sci-fi-ish tale of a race car driver and his cough cough ‘new friends’.

‘Scuse me, gotta go clean the daisies out of my shoes.  You know, from running down the sunny, daisy-filled hillsides.

2 comments on “DCI JONES CASEBOOK: ELLIS FLYNN by Kerry J. Donovan

  1. Phoghat says:

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    A good read, more Columbo than ystery, but therein lies its charm


  2. […] of Kerry Donovan.  He is the author of The DCI Jones Casebook:  Raymond Francis Collins,  and DCI Jones Casebook:  Ellis Flynn.  It seems DCI Jones is getting a bit older, a bit warier.  Yeah, just like the rest of us […]


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