MURDER OUT OF THE BLUE by Steve Turnbull

Out of the blueI am fascinated with the steampunk genre, and since I love mysteries, I thought:  steampunk.  murder mystery.  what’s not to like?

Set in 1908, an era which I particularly like, and just chock full of steampunk elements, it was definitely a fun read. The mystery was not terribly mysterious, and the hints were perhaps a smidge heavy-handed, but still it was enjoyable. But then, I’m easy. I don’t demand that every book be War and Peace.  AND, a mystery that I can actually solve before the reveal is always a plus, because I tend to be one step behind the whole time.  Hey.  I got a lot on my mind.  You can’t expect me to be solving fictional murders, as well as finding solutions to world peace and the answer to how consciousness arises, now can you?   (Fictional.  Is that a word?)

The 19-year-old heroine has an India mother and a Scottish father,  so was not fully accepted  in the Britain of the turn of that century.   Remember, Britain was all about Empire and the raj.   So there was a lot of discussion of race, which added a great deal to the atmosphere and the character roles. And again, we have the YA trope of the young person setting the authorities straight and solving the mystery which has all those experienced experts baffled.

This novella-length book will be a fun read for all you armchair sleuths who might enjoy a mystery laced with a large helping of steampunkness. A good read.

(P.S.  Doncha love the cover?  Mary Poppins goes steampunk.  OK.  I am easily amused.)


4 comments on “MURDER OUT OF THE BLUE by Steve Turnbull

  1. Deb Atwood says:

    Yes, I do love the cover!

  2. Okay – but I’m still not clear on what steampunk elements are or what the focus of the genre is. I’m off to google this. Good to leave the reader with more questions than answers – way to go, Marti.

  3. adaddinsane says:

    Thanks for the review, Marti. (See, I even have a steampunk gravatar ).

    If you like that cover you’ll love the next one (Blood Sky at Night) and the soon-to-be-released Halo Round the Moon has an even awesomer one (is that a word? It should be). I love my cover artist, Mark Molnar – you can see more of his work at

  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Bought. I’m curious to see what steampunk actually is. Thank you Marti.

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