ARTEMIS FOWL by Eoin Colfer

Artemis_Fowl_first_edition_coverThis is called a sci fi book, but really, for me it is a YA (or younger) fantasy.  It stars 12-year-old genius, mastermind and general all-around bad boy, Artemis Fowl II.  His father is presumed killed by the Russian mafia, his mother is totally whacked out gaga from the loss of her husband, and Artemis wanders around on his own in the huge mansion plotting revenge and schemes to recover their lost fortune.  He has a superman kind of body guard, huge, powerful, and completely devoted to Artemis.

Artemis, after much intensive research on the internet, comes upon a scheme to capture a fairy and hold it for a big ransom of gold.  Everybody knows that elves have a lot of gold, right?

Which brings us to the land of fairy.  What a clever romp.  Science, budgetary concerns, and being forced to live underground these days, fairyland is suspiciously like bureaucratic human-land.  The author summed up the series as “Die Hard with fairies.”  I thought it was more like His Dark Materials with fairies.

This is the first in a series of eight Artemis Fowl books.  The first one has been made into a graphic novel, and it looks like there will be a film covering the first two books produced by Disney Films.  I won’t be reading the remaining seven, or seeing the movie, if it ever gets made.  It was cute and clever, but not that cute and clever.




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