SILVERMEADOW by Barry Maitland

silvermeadowHere we go again with another DCI Brock and DS Kathy Kolla mystery, set in modern day London.

What I like about Maitland’s books is that each has an overarching theme to the always interesting mystery.  One was about Karl Marx, one about philately, and another was about Islamic extremism.   This one, Silvermeadow, is about a shopping mall.

The shopping mall, Silvermeadow, is as much a part of the cast as any of the live characters.  In fact, when we are taken into the bowels of the property where the air is cleaned and pumped in and out, one of the characters tells Kathy that this is where the mall breathes and the sound of the air moving feels like lungs.

It is an intertwining story of the hunt for a sociopathic bank robber who killed two police officers and fled the country.  He was spotted at the mall, and Brock and Kathy get into the investigation.  They get finagled into searching for a missing teenager girl, and figure it would work as good cover for their presence at the mall.

We meet the heat of mall operations, the head of mall security, and learn a bit about the trials and aggravations facing mall security forces, and we meet some of the store owners.

They can’t seem to get a handle on either investigation, and that’s when Kathy comes to the conclusion that the mall is an actor in the drama, drawing the people to itself.

It is becoming apparent that Maitland’s signature ending for this series is Kathy doing something impulsive and daring, getting into big trouble, getting hurt and having to be rescued.   Which is fine, but becomes glaringly obvious when you read the books one right after the other.  You would think she would learn after the fifth or sixth time, wouldn’t you?   Oh, well.  I’m not really complaining.  I love these books!



One comment on “SILVERMEADOW by Barry Maitland

  1. KJD says:

    Another great review, Marti. Thanks for sharing.

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