GREVIOUS SIN by Faye Kellerman

Grevious SinRats.  This Decker and Rina mystery, part of a very long series, actually came before Sanctuary,  but I got mixed up and posted Sanctuary already.  Oh, well.  Just think of it as Throwback Thursday.

In this one, Rina is in the hospital having the baby, Decker’s teenage daughter (well, she is 19 and in college) is spending most of her time in the hospital nursery with the baby while Rina is recovering from a hysterectomy necessitated by excessive bleeding after the birth.

The hospital is terribly shorthanded, and the nursery woefully understaffed.  In the night, the charge nurse, a dependable woman who has worked there for ten years, disappears, along with one of the babies from the nursery.  We readers are all relieved to learn that it is not the Decker’s baby.  Decker and Marge Dunn, his partner, take the case, and Decker is concerned to get his wife and baby out of that hospital!

The next day, the car belonging to the missing nurse is found in a canyon, a burning heap.  There is a body inside which seems to be the size of the missing nurse.  It becomes clear that it was not an accident, but that the car was dowsed with gasoline and pushed over the cliff.  So the hunt is on not only to learn just who was the body in the car, and to find the killer, and to track down the missing baby.

An intricately plotted exercise in motive, means and opportunity, another great book from Faye Kellerman.



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