A MURDER IN ONE TAKE by April Kelly, Marsha Lyons

MurderNot your 1920’s detective mystery, nosirreebob!   This fun story features Detective Blake Ervansky and his partner, Sg. Maureen O’Brien, in L. A., who get sucked into a case involving actresses, actors, politicos, dysfunctional families,  and an intrigue worthy of a Byzantine drama.  Great stuff!

The actress, B-List, thank you very much,  has a stalker who first appeared in her bedroom one night.   A number of months later,  he seems to have reappeared, and snatches her purse as she is leaving the local Starbucks on her way to yoga class early one morning.    A down-on-his luck TV show producer who has the show Yanked, where stars prank other celebrities, kind of like Candid Camera, has set up a prank with star Dev Roberts to pop out of an alley holding out a cell phone exclaiming, “It’s for you”.   The actress, still rattled from the incident at the Starbucks, pulls out a gun and blasts his face off.   Oh dear.

Aaaaaaannnnd,   we’re off.

The book is full of a lot of Hollywood-ness.  We have the self-indulgent lawyer, handling divorces for the bigs, all big money deals.  For instance, the poor woman married to a billionaire producer hiding his assets.

He knew his client should be getting ten times that amount.  She was still willing to gut it out, scraping by on the seventy-thousand-a-month maintenance and child support he had won for her.

Only in Hollywood.  And maybe New York.

At one point, Maureen has to go undercover in order to scope out a very high end shop, and needs to look the part of the pampered trophy wife,

…right down to the perfect French manicure.  She waggled her fingers in front of Blake’s face.  “Cool, n’cest-ce pas?  They’re stick-ons.  I keep them around for emergencies.”

“See, that’s the difference between Venus and Mars,”, Blake said, grabbing his car keys.  “In a man’s world, nothing involving the fingernails would ever be considered an emergency.”

A funny, clever mystery, well written and well plotted.   Well, it certainly should be.    Marsha Lyons went to law school, taught the the FBI Academy at Quantico, and went into private legal practice.  April wrote for shows such as Mork & Mindy, and Webster, then to produced her own shows like Boy Meets World.   Why wouldn’t this collaboration be the bee’s knees.

One small complaint:  the formatting did not transfer well into the Kindle mode.  Kind of annoying, but hey, nothing in this world is perfect.



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