Fun thingI know there is something wrong with me.   Because I am tempted to title my post “A Supposedly Fun Book I’m Sorry I Used Up All Those Minutes On”.   Everybody loves David Foster Wallace.   I admit I have never read anything by him, was a little intimidated to start with Infinite Jest,  so figured I would get my toesies wet with another of his highly praised books, this one a collection of essays.  Supposedly funny.

I thought it was self-indulgent, and snarky in a covert kind of way.   Is it possible to be covertly snarkly?   Not sure.  Anyway, I didn’t find it either humorous or enlightening, but mainly condescending and supercilious.   Certainly not kind or compassionate, or even simply neutral observations.

I am going to try Infinite Jest.  Perhaps his fiction will appeal to me more than his non-fiction.   After all, I can get all the condescending snarkiness I can handle on Facebook.  I don’t need it in my readings.


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