WICKED GOOD by Amy Lewis Faircloth and Joanne Lewis

wicked goodRory Falcon is fifteen and has Asperger’s syndrome,  a disorder on the autism spectrum.   He lives with his divorced mom, Archer, a top notch lawyer in the city of ummmmm,  I forget.  Some place in Maine.  The father, Wayne, is a self-indulgent wannabe actor who has now remarried and guess what?  The are now preggers.  And he wants custody of difficult Rory so that he can collect child support from Archer in order to support the new baby.  Yeah, that’ll work.  He has very little to do with Rory.   How does he think he will handle him now?  What a mess.

Rory is adopted, and has it in his head that he wants to learn about his birth parents.  His biological father died before Rory was born while working on a fishing boat that was caught in a terrible storm.  His birth mother lives in Gloucester, Mass and wants nothing to do with him.   She claims she is a witch, as was her mother and female ancestors, and that he is a demon seed.  What a mess.

Rory tries to get there himself, once by lawnmower tractor, so his mother agrees to take him to meet his mother.  He insists on bring his friend, a girl a little older than he, who is pregnant by her mother’s boyfriend.  What a mess.

Oh, of course everything works out in the end.   You expected something different?   It is how we get to the happy ending that makes this a nice read.

Oh, yeah.  The ‘wicked good’ part.  Very clever multiple play on words, as that is a common expression in New England for ‘really good’, and we have the witch aspect, etc.  See?  Clever.





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