CATCHEE MONKEY by Sean Cameron

catchee Humor is a funny thing, you’ll pardon the pun.   It either tickles your funny bone, or just doesn’t quite hit you right.  Catchee  Monkey is a comedy mystery,  what someone called a daft noir, which should give you some idea of the style of comedy.

Two bungling security guards do daft things in the mall, and get fired.  They decide to start their own Private Investigation business.   While negotiating for a car, one of them keeps negotiating the price up.    And other daft things.   So you can see where this style of comedy is going.

As the blurb on the author site puts it:

The inexperienced sleuths stumble upon a murder mystery that puts them head-to-head with gangsters, assassins, and corrupt coppers. Outnumbered, outgunned and outwitted, they have to solve their case before it kills them, or before they end up killing each other.

It is not my style comedy, but do not take that to mean the book isn’t good.  It is.  It is well written, and it is a funny idea, just a little too slapstick for my taste.


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