THE ONE YOU LOVE by Paul Pilkington

One you loveEmma Holden is an actress.  She is being stalked.  For the second time.  Or is it the third time?  The first time chased her out of her home town to London, to live with her boyfriend.  But the boyfriend left her abruptly –  just like that.  She was devastated.

Now, two weeks from getting married to a new boyfriend,  she is at her bachelorette party when she gets a call from her brother telling her that her finance, Dan, hasn’t shown up, and their apartment is dark.  She meets her brother at her apartment building, they go in and find the kitchen tossed, and her finance’s brother lying bloody and unconscious, and the finance nowhere to be seen.  He doesn’t answer his phone, and it would appear that he has attacked his brother and fled.

This starts a tale of intrigue, lies, secrets and misplaced trust and love.  It is a story of stalking,  and of the lengths someone might go to in order to keep their true love close to them, and to make a buck (OK, in this case a Pound Sterling), and to gain fame and hopefully fortune.

Since this is a mystery, I don’t want to tell you much more, because most of the interest of this book is (are?) the twists and turns the story takes, as the author leaks out clues little by little.

This is the first of a trilogy, but it is definitely a stand alone.   The other two are The One You Fear, and The One You Trust.




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