PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD by Faye Kellerman

KELPRAY11-2Decker and his lovely wife Rina are back, this time dealing with a brutal murder of a celebrated heart surgeon.   Official blurb:  The brutal murder of celebrated heart surgeon Azor Sparks brings with it shock, public outrage, and a demand for answers. Immediately, Lieutenant Peter Decker and his crack team of homicide detectives begin working overtime to unravel the mystery. But the deeper they probe, the more murky the case grows. Sparks’s wife and six adult children stand to inherit a sizable fortune. Vicious backbiting among jealous colleagues raises questions about the dead surgeon’s pharmaceutical research. Outlaw bikers with their own agenda suddenly show up at Sparks’s funeral. And Decker’s investigation is further complicated by the resurrection of old secrets from his wife’s past.

As one reviewer said, “This was a really complex story that mixed several contentious aspects of American society: religion – Jewish, Catholic and Protestant, Big Pharma and drug research, homophobia and violence.”   Yep, that about sums it up.

Really interesting cast of characters, especially with one of the sons of the murdered Christian fundamentalist doctor having become a Catholic priest.  And who turns out to be somebody that Rina knew back in the day after her first husband died and long before she met Peter Decker.

If I give you the hint “Victorian era science”,  that will be the key to the mystery, including the biker dudes.  I love the interweaving plot threads.



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